Liesbet Weckhuysen (°1975)

I am fascinated by the effect of light on colours. Especially when light shines on people, a strong interplay may arise between colour and emotion. It is an interesting goal to capture someone's subtle emotion on the canvas, or to illuminate the atmosphere of a place in a landscape or city view by means of paint. Moreover, the brush and the paint allow me to freely manipulate the images that surround me. 


I studied physics at the university of Leuven and have been teaching physics at UCLL (University College Leuven - Limburg) since 2001. I consider myself as a passionate teacher. I am convinced that physics and art are very closely related to each other. In my opinion, they both originate from astonishment about life, and they both try to describe the intangible.


I am an active member of the association Kunstcollectief in Oud-Heverlee, where I take courses with Leon De Borger. I also had an artistic training at the Art Academy of Leuven (SLAC) before.


My work is figurative. I mostly paint with acrylics and/or oil on canvas. The combination of warm colours, the attention to perspective and depth, the heavy contrast between light and shadow, and rough brush stroke characterize my paintings.



Liesbet Weckhuysen